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1+ million virtual views

4x HDR interior photo-shoots

4x portraiture photography

Oasis Dental Care (now Bupa Dental Care)

In February 2017 Bupa completed the acquisition of Oasis Dental Care during the process Tour.Media successfully completed a range of projects that promote a very special aspect of the business – Platinum Practice.


Platinum Practice employs the highest skilled clinicians in the world often boasting their own specialisms using technology that’s at the forefront of the dental industry. In order to introduce the experts and showcase the new tech Tour.Media produced several Google Virtual Tours with advanced features from the TourStore.


Most health organisations know that a fresh, clean and white environment is a big tick when promoting a clinic. However, maintaining each space to its original brand new state is unrealistic, scuffs and marks are a daily occurrence. Many customers realise this and will rarely notice imperfections in the flesh but when we see promotional content as consumers we are so used to seeing perfection we therefore expect it.


Luckily at Tour.Media our team of experts specialises in image manipulation and photo re-touching making sure all of our photographs and 360˚ tours are promoted in the very best of light.


Each Google Virtual Tours we produce is designed to engage with our clients’ customers to promote positive outcomes like footfall and sales. To achieve this with Oasis Dental Care the high caliber of clinicians and innovative technology were areas we felt important to promote.


Using advanced features from the TourStore we used dynamic hotspots linking online profiles that allowed customers to learn about the surgeons, doctors, and nurses. When a virtual visitor enters a particular room or looks at a piece of new technology boundary hotspots are activated, automatic pop-up windows including, text, videos, and photography are displayed to explain important information.


Then with added features like booking options, leaflet downloads, and related information i.e dental decay prevention adverts a fun, informative and interactive virtual tour is born.

Try the Google Virtual Tour with Advanced Features from the TourStore below