Google Street View Inside | Fazenda Case Studies
TOUR.MEDIA advertises businesses through 360-degree interactive Google virtual tours. Promote your business through Google Search, Google Maps and Google+
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4+ million virtual views

7x HDR interior photo-shoots

4x VIP/event/portraiture photography

Fazenda Rodizio Bar & Grill


Back in 2014 Fazenda Group took the plunge and invested in it’s first interactive Google Virtual Tour production, a fairly new marketing concept at the time.


Fast-forward to the present day and Fazenda hasn’t looked back. With millions of virtual views across Google and yearly increased business growth, the independent chain now operates 7 restaurants and Tour.Media is proud to have played a crucial role with each.


In the food and drink industry (from a marketing standpoint) online visibility is a critical step to the success of any restaurant, at Tour.Media we believe engaging with a customer in a fun, informative and interactive manner is the most successful kind of visibility and our figures agree.


Being able to demonstrate analytical figures to stakeholders and directors is an imperative service we provide to many of our clients and we love nothing more than to share our extraordinary results on a regular basis.


In February 2018 Fazenda Edinburgh opened its doors. In the first 4 weeks Tour.Media generated over 24K virtual views and now, in less than a year, the counter is at 176+K.


Fazenda operates a tight ship which is supported by an excellent team from around the world. The attention to detail regarding interior design, training and food sourcing to the location of the restaurants and PR is a finely tuned process but what we love the most is their sound understanding of interactive media and digital marketing.


Fitting in perfectly with the Fazenda family we quickly understood the business’s ethos and vision. We’re very grateful to them and inspired by their entrepreneurialism. We wish them all the best for the future!