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TOUR.MEDIA advertises businesses through 360-degree interactive Google virtual tours. Promote your business through Google Search, Google Maps and Google+
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An innovative way to connect with new and existing virtual visitors in a 360-degree perspective.

The Advanced Virtual Tour is a powerful marketing tool designed to engage with your visitors in a fun, informative and interactive manner.


We have a passion for an interactive narrative that provides the right information quickly whilst promoting everything fantastic about the exhibition and artists. The narrative is tailor-made to work with your current marketing efforts, aims, and objectives.


Virtual visitors are in control as they easily explore the exhibition, they can view the artworks, click on icons to see images for more detail, find social media links for the artists, learn about each piece of artwork on display and even buy the catalogue.


Marketing campaigns can be added and amended quickly to coincide with your marketing strategy.

Let’s get creative! The marketing capabilities are limitless. Add videos, photography, testimonials, social media links, download options, buying options and better still, monitor the success of the tour with analytics.


Tour.Media will coordinate with all the artists and others to manage the full project and graphic design.


Throughout one year anything can be updated, amended or changed and access to the tour via a secure account is available giving you complete control to make any edits easily.


Dynamic Hotspots


 These can be displayed as a bespoke icon, image or photo. When the hotspot is clicked this will reveal marketing content, for example, the info and magnifying icons (when clicked) display explanations and images of the artwork.

Boundary Hotspots


Marketing content can appear automatically when a visitor navigates into certain areas or looks at a specific artwork, for example, looking directly at Alice Fox’s work will automatically display her profile banner no, interaction is needed.

Advanced Menu


Visitors will be able to get information quickly and jump to areas of the tour with one click. For example, each artist will be listed within the Advanced Menu, when clicked the visitor will be transported in front of the selected artists work.



Run different marketing campaigns to help promote artists and the group on a whole. Tour.Media is here to help with all kinds of creative design and idea generation included in the price.


Just use the navigational arrows to explore the exhibition and click on any icon you see.


The Advanced menu to the top left will transport you quickly to different areas of the tour.