Google Street View Inside | Words from our Founder and Manc Frank PR
TOUR.MEDIA advertises businesses through 360-degree interactive Google virtual tours. Promote your business through Google Search, Google Maps and Google+
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Words from our Founder and Manc Frank PR

Words from our Founder and Manc Frank PR

 Daryl Jackson, Director, TOUR.MEDIA comments

“At Tour.Media we have been hoping to connect with a PR agency in Manchester and also looking to donate to a worthy cause. When we saw the opportunity from the General Manager at Manc Frank PR in the MEN we knew we had to try and win the eBay auction.


We are delighted to have secured the winning bid and gain a fantastic opportunity to support a worthy charity. Graeme is thrilled with the Tattoo design and we may also receive a little publicity at the same time, which is an added bonus.


Tour.Media works with Google Street View | Trusted to create virtual tours inside of businesses and we are always looking for new and exciting ways of engaging with Manchester organisations. I admit we may have enjoyed teasing Graeme across Twitter and giving his colleges something to laugh at as well.


I am relieved to hear Graeme is happy with the design and I can’t wait to meet him; he is a fund raising inspiration.”


Graeme Anthony, Manager at Manc Frank PR comments

“I assumed a colleague from Frank had won the bid but became very nervous when I discovered that those bidding had been pipped to the post and we had no idea who’d won! Uncertainty and dread soon descends and you’re left thinking; ‘Christ! What have I done!”


“This was amplified further with Tour Media revealing themselves and adding fuel to the fire. Teasers such as ‘we came up with a design that not only looks terrible but will also inflict a serious amount of pain’ really didn’t help. All I could think about was what my mum would say if it was truly awful…”


“More nervous hours passed and then the news came through – my heart was literally having palpitations. But thankfully karma came back to reward me and the guys at Tour Media had not only designed me a decent tattoo…but one that I genuinely fell in love with at first sight.”


“I really can’t thank them enough for firstly being so generous and secondly such good sports. This whole experience has been a lot of fun and Tour Media has provided the perfect feel-good ending. I literally can’t wait to get it inked and will wear the badge with pride.


 On behalf of everyone at Frank and Education for the Children we’d like to thank Tour Media for being a great bunch of legends.”


“Like the tattoo will be with me for life, so will the positive impact their donation makes.”


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