Google Street View Inside | We’re not really going to be that cruel!!
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We’re not really going to be that cruel!!

If you’ve been following our Tweets lately you’ll be aware that Tour.Media has been given the awesome power to design any tattoo we like in order to raise funds for the EFTC Foundation (Education For The Children).


How you ask???


Well, brave Graeme Anthony from Manc Frank PR decided to place an area of his arm up for devastation on eBay and Tour.Media snapped up the opportunity with a £320.00 successful bid!


As Graeme’s fund raising gift is an amazing sacrifice and the EFTC Foundation is a truly worthy cause we thought the bid deserved to be higher so we decided to contribute an additional £100.00 to the charity.


…and lets face it this tattoo is going to be permanent and can be off ANYTHING!!!


After hours of fun banter with Graeme and an array of false tweets we think its only fair to admit we’re not really designing anything cruel.


We may have just heard Graeme’s sigh of relive and hundreds of tuts from others but it’s Christmas and its for a good cause!!


We’ve enjoyed the laughter and are glad to have given Graeme’s team the opportunity to giggle also.


So the moment of truth










Graeme we hope you like the design and we’ll see you at Holier Than Thou when the big day arrives!


From everyone at TOUR.MEDIA, Cheers!!

“You’re a fund raising inspiration”