Google Street View Inside | WOW WE WON OUR FIRST EBAY BATTLE
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It sounds a little weird bidding in an auction for the chance to design a tattoo that will end up permanently on a small piece of arm belonging to a bloke you’ve never met but hey it’s for charity!!


Graeme Anthony is a brave man! (This is the bloke from Manc Frank PR who’s arm will be tattoo’d)

At Tour.Media we felt like the bidding should have been higher so we’ll donate an extra £100.00 to the Education for Kids charity. It only seems fair as we have the most humiliating design coming Graeme’s way.


Yesterday afternoon we spent most the afternoon laughing about what childish designs we could create, if we won, looking for inspiration from public toilets to a toddlers first drawing of ‘Peppa the Pig’. But then at lunchtime whilst in a fast food joint in the Northern Quarter we cracked it!


 We came up with a design that not only looks terrible but will also inflict a serious amount of pain. This wasn’t our plan,  however a tattoo artist client advised the design not only aesthetically made him feel sick (he actually heaved a little) but his main concern was the amount of detail needed in such a sensitive place and I quote his exact words “This would make any man cry!” We admit we felt bad by the news but we felt Graeme wouldn’t mind as we did spend a whole 5 minutes thinking of the design whilst eating our 3 currys and rice.


The design will be revealed very shortly once we’ve heard back from our legal department, we just want to make sure this is allowed in the UK.


We’ll be back soon.